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  • N'Zoth Priest is Scary

    This Deck... Is Wicked!

    This deck uses the shadow priest synergy with deathrattle cards to create an effective juggernaught of an end game.  You have tons of stall at your disposal.  I like to think of this as the "freeze-Mage" version of priest.  There are a few cards I'm still tinkering around with to see if they create more win conditions or a better…

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  • Ramp Druid Legend Deck

    Sonic the Druid Ramp Ramp Ramp

    This deck utilizes the ramp cards druid has at it's disposal to get to the end game as quick as possible while having a decently strong mid game.  There are a couple tools in it that allow you to do interesting things that your opponent doesn't see coming and although I'm missing one or two cards I would like to have it is still a very…

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  • Overload Shaman Legend Deck

    A Fat Shaman is a Trustworthy One?

    This is the first shaman deck I have seen that plays off the fact that overload allows for some interesting things to happen.  This deck doesn't "revolve" around how you use the overload but more or less how you are able to manage it.  This deck has powerfully brought many players from rank 15+ to Legend already this season…

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  • Zoo Warlock Never Fades

    Zoobles Reborn the Monster

    It’s good to know that Zoo will never lose its power around the meta. One would think that Zoo would

    have lost a bit of power with the removal of CoN but nope it’s still going strong. So strong in fact, that

    this deck right here is one of…

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